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The city of Los Angeles is huge in both size and reputation. The center of the entertainment world is known for its stars and the dreams that it can provide. Teams playing in Copa America will be chasing their own set of dreams at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Brazil, Ecuador, Jamaica, and Mexico all take to the field in the City of Angels with the hopes of raising the Copa America Trophy in New York. We’ll take you through some of the best soccer spots in this huge city, where we could fill an encyclopedia with information if we tried.


Beers sitting on a bar.

Ye Olde King’s Head If you’re looking for an English Pub experience with the off-chance of meeting a celeb, Ye King’s Head is the place to visit. Plus, they’ve got a sweet bakery next door that makes tremendous treats. Like Ye Olde King’s Head on Facebook.

Cock N’ Bull Cock N’ Bull says they were the first to show English football in the LA area. Located in Santa Monica, they’ve got a fantastic atmosphere that is centered around their gigantic 135” screen. Voted California’s best soccer bar by Buzzfeed and CBS during World Cup 2014, Cock N’ Bull is definitely one of the places to be for Copa America viewing.

Fox And Hounds Fox and Hounds Pub sits near Studio City and is another one of those intimate dive bars that gives you a tighter feel with those that you’re watching the matches with. They’ve got seven dedicated satellite dishes for whatever sporting event you’d want to see, so it’s a lock that Copa America will have the place jumping, especially when El Tri takes to the stage. Their Twitter will keep you up to date with what’s happening.



Todo Deportes Located near downtown LA on the edge of MacArthur Park, Todo Deportes has a crazy selection of soccer memorabilia. They’ve got fantastic customer service, too.

Niky’s – Just a few blocks from Todo Deportes rests Niky’s Sports. They’ve been in the game for 30 years and have all the experience you need to get fitted for Copa America. Check out their Instagram that is constantly updated with fresh goods.



The greater Los Angeles area is massive, it’s hard to pinpoint down one, two, or even twenty places to play. But, we will tell you that most high schools, parks, and beaches have games going on. The diverse culture LA brings means that a pickup game of soccer is about as easy to find as a game of basketball, so bring your cleats and get out there.



Hollywood Do we even have to sell this? Take a ride through Studio City, or tour one of the many lots in LA as you might get a glance at some of your favorite celebs.

Getty Museum The J. Paul Getty Museum has an extensive collection of European Art, so if you want to check out sculptures, drawings, and other works of fine art, be sure to come out. Want to see more? Head over to Getty’s Instagram.

Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach Nothing is more relaxing before a huge match of soccer than heading to the beach. Santa Monica and Venice are the two most notable beaches in Los Angeles, and you’re guaranteed to find shops, entertainment, and fun while you’re there.


Tailgating at the iconic Rose Bowl likely means that you’ll have fantastic weather, good food, and good people nearby. The chances of running into more famous soccer fans like Tom Cruise and Will Ferrell are always present, and spots like Golden Road and In And Out Burger aren’t too far away if you want to pregame elsewhere. The Rose Bowl is a magical place to watch a sporting event, so consider yourself lucky and have the time of your life at Copa America.

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