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New York’s soccer environment is unlike any other place in the country because of it’s diversity. The Big Apple has a rich history of inviting folks from other countries to help shape the culture that is New York City. Soccer is one of the offshoots of that inclusion, and if you add the four major soccer franchises that exist within the Metro area, it’s a hub for the Beautiful Game. Metlife Stadium will host one group stage match between Ecuador and Haiti, followed by a quarter final matchup and ultimately the Championship game. It will be bananas in New York for Copa America, and insert product name wants you to experience all of it.


Beers sitting on a bar.

Nevada Smiths Nevada Smiths features four floors and two 20-foot televisions supplemented by 14 additional screens throughout the space. It’s world renowned for its dedication to the beautiful game, and shows any and every match possible. If you’re in midtown, make it a point to get there. Follow them on Twitter for more!

Football Factory This midtown bar is a staple of many supporters clubs around the City. It’s the place where many consider the origin of New York’s modern soccer scene began! Grab a Guinness and get ready to sing. Like them on Facebook to find out who’s being shown!

Jack Demsey’s Demsey’s is home to the New York Chapter of the US Supporter’s Club “American Outlaws.” You come here if you want to be loud, and enjoy yourself. Oh, and follow them for updates on great specials.



Upper 90 Upper 90 is New York’s Premier spot for soccer gear. They’ve got three locations in the area and are known to have some great end of season sales. Just in time for Copa America if you ask us. Their Instagram feed has great product shots, so head over there today.

EuroMex EuroMex is nestled in East Harlem and has a knowledgeable staff. It’s a great option if you need a Spanish speaking shop, or you just want the mom and pop feel.

Soccer Sport Supply Having been around for 80 years, Soccer Sport Supply is one of the oldest soccer shops in America. They provide equipment to all levels of participation, so you’ll be in great hands.



Chelsea Piers This 80,000 sq. foot complex has a multitude of options for all sports. But soccer here is a mainstay. You can play pickup along the Hudson River and in the shadow of the skyscrapers downtown, plus you never know if you’ll run into guys like Steve Nash.

Brooklyn Bridge Park This park is nestled at the tip of Brooklyn and provides one of the most scenic views around. With Manhattan as your backdrop, you could bag goals and feel like you’re ready for Copa America. For more of the sights, head over to their Instagram.



Times Square Times Square is synonymous with New York. There’s always something going on, and there’s always something to see. The only thing missing in Times Square is a roller coaster because it’s nearly an amusement park.

Central Park Central Park is one of the most filmed locations in the World. This 843 acre park has plenty of open space for bike rides, leisurely strolls, hanging out, or even catching a small game of pickup. It’s a getaway within the city, so enjoy it.


Metlife Stadium opens five hours before events for tailgating. There really isn’t much near the venue, so you’ve got to make sure you’ve got a grill nearby. Music and fan experience zones will be on display, so you’ll be hanging out on the lot until the match begins and, of course, the atmosphere during the Final will be crazy. You will be a witness of history in the making at the 100th anniversary of the Copa America games.

A bunch of soccer fans in a stadium cheering on a game.

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