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Put down the raffle tickets. Forget candy sales. You’ve tried it all before. The popcorn, the cookies, the fruit baskets. The garage sales, the bake sales, the car washes. The flowers, the umbrellas, the calendars. These are all fundraising ideas of the past. How many umbrellas does the average person need? Do people want you touching their cars? How much sugar-heavy chocolate will health-conscious people buy?

Custom scarves, beanies, and socks are the unique, creative, sure to stand out, way to go. Everyone has a neck, and scarves are a high-value, low-risk proposition. Flowers die, cars get dirty and candy gets eaten. But scarf enjoyment is forever! (and zero-calorie)

From sports teams, to organizations, schools, and events, scarves are a timeless fundraising idea. With a high quality scarf and design in hand, scarves are an easy sell. Fans will jump at the chance to wear their team spirit and share in the tradition.

Why Use Custom Products
for Fundraising

  1. Great profit – make more than double your cost.
  2. You can easily market your team, organization, school, or event.
  3. Low minimums means you can scale your fundraising efforts to your audience.
  4. You’ll have the best dressed fans out there.
  5. Scarves are awesome!

Diehard Customs put the ‘fun’ in fundraising. There’s nothing your fans could be more proud to wear.

Fundraising Toolkit

This toolkit of resources will get you and your team on your way to fundraising success! We’ll help you get started from the ground up.

The fundraising checklist will kick off your efforts and map out your next steps. The design templates will help inspire your scarf design. Then, our fully customizable templates will keep you organized throughout.

The complete toolkit includes:

  •  Fundraising Checklist
  •  Design Templates
  •  Order Form Sheet
  •  Cost Calculator
  •  Fundraising Goal Visualizer

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