What is the minimum number of scarves I have to order?

The minimum quantity is 35 pieces per design for The Classic Knit scarf. For all other styles, the minimum is 25 pieces.

Why isn't your pricing listed on the site?

Because each order has a lot of variables such as quantity, number of colors, and shipping locations, we want to be sure we are offering the best price based on your needs.

What is your turnaround time?

Our turnaround time can vary by product, but in most cases it will be three weeks from the start of production. At times we are able to deliver more quickly than this, which will be evaluated case by case.

Do you charge setup fees?

We do not charge setup fees. When shipping to the United States, the price we give you includes EVERYTHING. And we mean everything.

What are the main differences in each of your scarf styles?

The Classic Knit is a traditional soccer style scarf. The material will stretch a little and the logo/message will be a little pixelated.

The Premier Knit is very similar to The Classic Knit. The main difference is your logo/message will be clearer (less pixelated).

The HD Woven is not as thick as the knitted options, but your logo/message will be VERY crisp. Because the weave is tight, it does not stretch much.

The Sleekprint is made of polyester and is lightweight. These are digitally printed, so the design can literally be anything you desire.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship practically anywhere in the world. However all duties, taxes and other import fees will be your responsibility when shipping outside of the United States.

Do I have to prepay my order?

We only require prepayment on your first order. After that, terms can be discussed.

We do accept PO’s from schools and universities instead of requiring prepayment.

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