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A mock up of a sample custom scarf with branded with logo, colors, and messaging



Classic Knit

Up to 6 colors
Get as few as 35


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Premier Knit

Up to 6 colors
Get as few as 25


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HD Woven

Up to 8 colors
Get as few as 25


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Full color print
Get as few as 25


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Low Minimums

We offer as few as 25 pieces on some products. In other cases, the minimum is only 50 pieces.


Fast Production

It varies by product, but our goal is to deliver your fully custom product in about 3 weeks.


Quality Design

Design is subjective, so we blend our experience with your desired outcome to create something perfect for you.

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the ultimate accessory

Brief history on soccer scarves

Since the early 1900’s soccer fans have been wearing scarves to support their teams and show their pride. Whether you use the term soccer or football, scarves became the ultimate soccer accessory—made for important matches, championships, and rivalries.

At first, in chilly Britain, scarves allowed fans to stay warm while still showing their spirit—but now there are no boundaries. From winter to summer and across the globe soccer scarves have caught the attention of the world. Let’s be honest, why wouldn’t they, scarves are pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves!

We’re here for you

More about our scarves

At Diehard Scarves we know how important scarves are to soccer fans and we want to continue the historical tradition. That’s exactly why we make the very best custom soccer scarves—for the fans out there cheering on their team regardless of weather or circumstance. You are always there for your team, so we are here for you.

We offer an array of 4 awesome styles—allowing you to choose how to best represent your team. Whether you want to customize your own version of the classic soccer scarf or mix it up with your own style—we’ve got you covered.

Offering 2 kinds of knitted customizable scarves, 1 woven, and 1 printed—we’ve got a scarf for any occasion. We make it super easy to customize a scarf with your team’s colors, logo, all while on the material of your choice. Diehard Scarves wants to make it easy for you to join the 100 year old soccer tradition and show your team some love with your own custom made scarf.