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You’re super hyped because your Diehard Scarf finally came in the mail just in time for your favorite team’s game this weekend, but you’re totally blanking on how you should wear it or what’s considered to be proper scarf behavior.  Don’t fret!  We have 3 easy ways to wear your soccer scarf so you can look your coolest while supporting the team that you love. So without further ado…

#1: The Accessible Way (Most Popular)

custom soccer scarf

While attending matches or watching them on TV, you may have noticed that your fellow fans are often not wearing their scarves at all but holding them in the air above their heads.  Wearing your scarf the Accessible Way allows you to have easy access to grab your scarf quickly and join in on the celebration any time your team finishes that header or PK to win the game.

In Four Easy Steps:

  1. Pick up your scarf and place it around your neck
  2. Make sure the scarf hangs evenly over each of your shoulders and that your team logo is easily visible
  3. Grab the edges of the scarf and lift over your head while pulling taut so everyone can clearly read the name of the team that is the best (which is yours, clearly).
  4. Return to Step 1 and repeat 2-3 as needed.

#2: The Traditional Way (With 2 Options)

custom soccer scarf

The weather can make watching some games really brutal, and in some cases, even hinder your attendance!  This problem is eliminated with your soccer scarf acting as the perfect dual-purpose team memorabilia and extra layer.  Diehard has knitted and woven scarves that allow you to display your team’s colors and show your support while staying warm and cozy!

Option #1

  1. Place your scarf around your neck while holding the ends of the scarf in each respective hand.
  2. Take the edge of your scarf in your right hand and wrap it around your neck so it crosses the left shoulder. Repeat with left hand wrapping to right side.
  3. Continue to do this wrapping until your ends are too short to wrap around another time. Once this happens, tuck the ends underneath the folds you have created around your neck.
  4. Stay warm and try not to spill your hot chocolate because you missed your mouth after cheering for your favorite player who just got their 3rd hat-trick of the season (although your scarf worn like this also acts as a nice bib/burn prevention tool).

Option #2

  1. Place the scarf around your neck while ensuring that the tails of the scarf are hanging evenly on both sides.
  2. Take one tail of the scarf and put it around the opposite shoulder allowing people in front of you and behind you to clearly see the team you are supporting.

#3: The Not Really Wearing It Way

custom soccer scarf

You know your team is going to win, so why not get the celebration started before the game even starts?  This is also a nice way to wear your scarf in the warmer months when it’s a little toastier.

Two Steps? That’s Easy!

  1. Take the ends of your scarf and just hold it high!
  2. Rest arms as needed.

Now, Let’s have Some Fun with It

At the office, the team couldn’t help but get creative with some fun, non-traditional suggestions to add to the list. We hope these stir up a few chuckles:

  • A jump rope to warm up with
  • Lasso an opposing team member off the field
  • Choreograph a team cheer with it
  • Use it to staunch the post-game bleeding
  • Tie a bunch together and use them to rappel down the walls of the stadium or sneak into sold-out games
  • Use it to soak up opponents’ tears after you crush them
  • Use it as a start/finish line for tailgate races

What’s your favorite way to wear your soccer scarf?  Share your ideas with us below and use the tag #DiehardScarves on all your social media accounts so we can see the way you wear your scarf!


custom soccer scarves