How to Design & Create Custom Scarves for Your Business

Designing and creating custom scarves for your business can be a tall task. From determining a budget to finding a reliable company to designing the scarf itself, there is a lot to think about. Check out these helpful tips to guide you through the process.

Benefits of Scarves for Your Business

There’s nothing better than having a warm scarf for a cold winter day or a cooler summer night. There are many advantages to designing and creating scarves for your business. The benefits of making scarves for your business include:

  • Improve morale: Investing in custom carves can help boost morale in your business. Showing off where you work with quality, custom scarves gives people a way to take pride in what they do and where they work, and share it with the rest of the world.
  • Show appreciation: Custom scarves are also a way to show appreciation for your employees. Providing custom gear is a simple, easy action that can make employees feel valued and reward their hard work.
  • Create a sense of belonging: Use custom scarves to help bring people into your business. Much like a sports team wears similar colors to show a sense of camaraderie, custom business scarves will make people feel a part of something bigger than themselves. People are likely to wear their scarves outside of work — to sporting events, get-togethers and around town, which means that many different people will see your brand name.
  • Promote your business: Another added benefit of providing customs scarves to your business is that it will help you advertise your brand. People are likely to wear their scarves outside of work — to sporting events, get-togethers and around town, which means that many different people will see your brand name. In that way, custom scarves work as a great promotional tool that also provides value to your employees.

With custom scarves, you can help your business thrive. Now that you know all of the advantages, you could be looking for some help to figure out how to design and create custom scarves for your business.

How to Design a Custom Scarf

How to Design a Custom Scarf

Designing clothing isn’t just for professional fashion designers — you can design a custom scarf for your business without any training. You just need to break the process down into a few individual steps and follow each one.

Follow these eight steps to create a custom scarf.

1. Communicate With Your Stakeholders

One of the first things you’ll want to do is communicate with the people in your business. Employees and staff are the ones who are going to be wearing them, after all, so it’s important to get their feedback before you even begin designing. Although you won’t be able to satisfy everyone, try to get a feel for a general theme — colors, a design framework and certain materials that may appeal to a broad portion of your employees or customers.

From here, you can start crafting a scarf that the whole company will enjoy.

2. Determine a Budget

Be sure to check in and see where your budget lies for the project. This information will give you another benchmark that you can refer to throughout the design process, letting you know the quality and quantity of your order.

While you don’t have to put hard corners on a budget, having a general range to pull from will help speed along the process and help you make effective decisions.

3. Aim for a Goal

Think about why you’re designing the scarves in the first place. Knowing the goal even before you enter the design process will give you direction. This goal could any number of things, such as:

  • Promotion: Custom scarves can actually operate as a marketing strategy for your business. If promotion is your number one priority, be sure to take extra time to think about the design and how to make the branding clear and accessible to those who see it. You might want to consider adding a logo to help spread awareness of your business.
  • Inclusivity: Sometimes you might want to use custom scarves as a way to bring your business together and to symbolize belonging and camaraderie. In this case, you may want to get some advice from employees or customers to see what, as a group, would be the best design for them.
  • Acknowledgment: In other situations, custom scarves act as a way to show acknowledgment for your employees. Whether through a surprise gift or alongside a celebration, custom scarves can go a long way in making your employees feel valued for their work and respected.

If your company participates in special events throughout the year, such as charity events or fun runs, a scarf is a perfect way to commemorate the occasion.

  • Celebration: If your company participates in special events throughout the year, such as charity events or fun runs, a scarf is a perfect way to commemorate the occasion. You might also use custom scarves to celebrate a significant anniversary for your business or celebrate a successful year.

Goals will differ based on your situation — be sure to figure out what the functionality of your custom scarves is going to be, as this will help you along through the design process.

4. Find a Reliable Company

Once you’ve actually decided that you’re going with custom scarves for your business, you should start the process of finding a reliable, trusted company — like Diehard Scarves —  that can offer you the help and quality materials that you need.

With help from the right company, you can have flexibility during the process, with the ability to preview various designs and use a personal touch to make your scarves unique.

5. Choose Your Product

Custom scarves are only one broad category — from there, you can narrow down your choices further into the different types of scarves such as Champions Knit, Classic Knit, HD Woven and more. Be sure to go through these various types to find the personalized business scarves that fit your unique situation.

  • Classic Knit: This is the classic scarf, providing you with six different thread colors and double-sided artwork. The Classic Knit is Diehard Scarves’ most popular option.
  • Champions Knit: This upgrade from our classic knit provides a design with a crisper, clearer design.

If you're looking for the crispest, sharpest option on the market, HD Woven is the perfect choice for your custom scarves.

  • HD Woven: The HD Woven option is made with a 100% acrylic weave that uses the cleanest lines and the most detail possible. If you’re looking for the crispest, sharpest option on the market, HD Woven is the perfect choice for your custom scarves.
  • Premier USA Knit: These classic jacquard knit scarves offer comfort and a slight stretchiness, and their tighter knit allows for a wide array of designs.
  • Sleekprint: These types of scarves are made for year-round use. Made from 100% polyester material, they’re lightweight and breathable, and a perfect option for hot climates that have cooler nights. With the unique sleekprint printing process, these types of scarves are also able to achieve bright color hues and complex designs that set them apart from traditional scarves.

Designing a scarf for your business can be a complicated process. Identifying which design will work best for your situation can help you get started on the right track and allow you to make the most of your customs scarves.

6. Consider Characteristics

Once you’ve chosen your design, you should start to narrow down those more specific attributes — size, color and branding:

  • Material: The different scarf fabric types vary — polyester, acrylic and lycra are all options — and these will all offer you different abilities concerning comfort, warmth and design. While choosing your different scarf knits, think about the climate in your area and how recipients will use the scarf.
  • Color: One of the main characteristics you’ll have to decide on is the color of the scarves. Consider your business branding and choose one of the available colors that best match your company so the scarves are recognizable.
  • Branding: Think about what you want to put on the scarf that will let people know what business they belong to. You can add a company logo or the company name itself to the scarf so it’s identifiable. If you’re using scarves as a marketing tactic, then your branding becomes even more important. Try to find a way to display your brand clearly. Your employees will be happy with showing off their business and others will take notice.

Identifying these various characteristics will help you design a scarf that people in your business will want to wear proudly.

7. Experiment With Designs

Be sure to play around with various designs and see what works for you. If you want, you could even some various options to your team and see which ones they like best. Ultimately, you’ll want to find a design that satisfies and is lasting — make sure to take your time, look through designs and see which one is best for you and your business.

8. Order, Sell and Distribute

Order, Sell and Distribute

When you’ve finally settled on a product and design that you want, it’s time to begin the ordering process. Pick a quantity that fits your needs and we’ll ship your order out quickly. Once they arrive, you can distribute them however you want.

Another great option is to set up an online store with our help. You won’t have to do any complex coding or web design — Diehard Custom will help you the whole way. We’ll operate your store and process sales while you can focus on more important tasks.

How to Design a Scarf That People Want to Wear

Creating a scarf is one thing — designing a scarf that people actually want to wear can be a completely different type of skill. To make a scarf that is popular, keep these helpful tips in mind:

Find Out What People Want

You won’t know how to design a popular scarf unless you first talk to the people who’ll be wearing them. Communicating with your stakeholders is one of the most important steps in the design process. In that step, you’ll be able to figure out what people want to see on the scarves as well as why people will actually wear them — whether for warmth or for a way to show off their company logo.

Understanding what people want will help you make a lot of different decisions in the design process.

Don’t Overthink It

Don't Overthink It

Once you get into the weeds of designing your scarf, it can be easy to lose sight of the main goal. You might throw together various designs and colors just to try to please everyone. Sometimes, the best scarf designs are the simplest ones — you may not need an intricate, complex design or an overwhelming array of colors.

When it comes to designs, sometimes those basic colors and logos are all you need to create high-quality business scarves.

Partner With Diehard Scarves

When you’re designing custom scarves for your business, you’ll likely need a little help to get on the right track. It’s an involved process and there are a lot of different factors to keep in mind, so getting some guidance from a professional company will streamline the process.

Diehard Scarves is the perfect option for any company looking to design scarves for their business. With an easy process that emphasizes convenience and quality products, Diehard Scarves can walk you through a comprehensive process from picking your product to placing an order.

Working with a professional company like Diehard Scarves will take a lot of that stress off your shoulders. Instead of trying to construct the perfect design yourself, you can consult with professionals who have done this before and know what works.

Why Choose Diehard Scarves?

Diehard Scarves is the perfect answer, offering a wide range of benefits that puts them above the rest of the competition.

When you’re getting scarves for your business, you need to find a company that you can trust. Diehard Scarves is the perfect answer, offering a wide range of benefits that puts them above the rest of the competition:

  • Low minimums: Instead of being forced to order huge amounts of products, Diehard Scarves lets you order a small amount so that you won’t have a surplus. You’ll be able to take advantage of a cost-effective option that satisfies you and your business alike.
  • Fast production: Though it depends on the product, we try to get you what you ordered within three to four weeks. This ensures that you won’t be waiting around for your order — the entire process can be completed quickly and efficiently.
  • Quality: Diehard Scarves also ensures that all of our products are made with quality. From our crisp, clear designs to the materials themselves, you’ll be happy and content with your order. Your organization will be satisfied with the durable and long-lasting nature of our products, and they’ll be able to show off their scarves for years to come.
  • Convenience: Lastly, working with Diehard Scarves offers you unparalleled convenience. From our free design templates to our ease of setting up your online shop, we’ll walk you through each step so that you can be confident in your final order. We’re dedicated to making sure that you’re getting exactly what you want for yourself and your business.

With our low minimums, fast production, quality materials and convenience, Diehard Scarves is the easy answer for all of your custom product needs.

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Creating custom scarves for your business is an exciting experience. With the right scarves, you can create a sense of belonging in your business, show appreciation for your workers and let people take pride in where they work. With help from Diehard Scarves, you can start seeing those benefits soon. Contact us today!