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There’s something special to be said about Boston’s sports scene. New England has been a force to be reckoned with over the last twenty years in every major American sport, soccer included. The New England Revolution have had their peaks and valleys, but their fans are unwavering. With an American soccer legend now in charge of the club, optimism is rising. Boston is filled with history and tradition, and the fans of The Revolution are proud of their city and local soccer team.

Boston Soccer City Guide

New England Revolution

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The New England Revolution take their name from the region’s involvement in the American Revolution. Their red, white and blue uniforms are unsurprisingly based off of the American flag, and are the only charter team in MLS to still have the same crest. They entered the league in it’s inaugural 1996 season as one of Major League Soccer’s first ten clubs, playing at Gillette Stadium in nearby Foxborough, Massachusetts.


The Pine Flag of New England flies behind goal in sections 141-143 in the north end of Gillette Stadium, also known as “The Fort.” Four groups make up the majority of the supporters in Boston on match day. So we’ll jump in and tell you how it goes down.

The Riders, named from Paul Revere’s legendary feats, are the senior supporters group in New England. They’ve been chanting in the north end since 1995, and invite fans to stand for 90 minutes both home and away.


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La Barra Revolution rev up the Revs. Their loud drums, chants of “Mamma Mamma” and use of flags as attire give them a style of support that reminds you of how soccer is done in exotic locales far from Boston.

The Rebellion are the youngest of the four groups, getting off the ground in 2009. They come together each matchday for the party, creating tifo, throwing confetti and streamers, and waving flags in The Fort.


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The Rev Army formed in the second year of the Revolutions existence. Their punk rock roots drive the way they support their club. They tailgate separately from everyone at the Red Fox Motel and have many members who are in local bands, so you know they’re coming to the game day with a bit more color than the average Rev fan.


What to do on Game Day


Tailgating is how they do it here in Boston.

Tailgate Central

Because of Foxborough’s distance from Boston, you’ll often find yourself tailgating outside of Gillette Stadium prior to a game. When the team is facing rivals from New York or DC, the fans get a little louder. A diverse group of fans root for The Revolution, and you can find everything from clam chowder to churros at a tailgate. Before you get inside of the stadium, you hear the supporters groups chanting and banging their drums.

Photo by The Rebellion

Where to watch?


Boston is home to some of the best bars in America, and since the City has a heavy Irish influence, you’ll find passionate fans who can give you everything from fish and chips to some really good seafood.

Phoenix Landing

Phoenix Landing is located in Cambridge and is a bar during the day and a club when the sun goes down. You could watch The Revs on away days with a pint of your favorite beverage and then party after a big win, it’s a combination that can’t lose.



The Banshee is considered one of the top bars in the Northeast and tout that if a game being broadcasted in North America, it will be played on one of their ten flat screens. With two floors of entertainment, you can certainly link up with friends and get as loud as you want.


The Field Pub

The Field Pub is as close to a real Irish dive bar as you can get. This Cambridge based bar has a hidden patio that allows for a really chill environment while you watch your favorite soccer matches. A simple, yet effective menu of good Guinesses puts the cherry on top.


Cafe Dello

Cafe Dello is a quaint Italian spot in Boston’s North End that offers good food and better coffee. Watch your favorite European soccer matches in the morning and then stay for The Revolution in the afternoon. It’s a bit of a change of pace from the typical soccer bar, but somehow it feels like exactly where you should be.


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