RC Guard



The Guard is an essential supporters piece that can be used in multiple ways. This gaiter is seamless, lightweight, and breathable and can be used as a face mask*, neck gaiter, bandana, headband, hairband, or head covering.


Protect yourself from the supporters’ smoke with this handy neck gaiter
featuring the Romanian Chapter’s emblem. For those who are not familiar
with its meaning:

  • The outer roundel featuring our rallying cry “Take your heart in your
    teeth” in Romanian loosely translates to “Be Brave”.
  • The inner roundel features waves of blue and white, a nod to the
    Cincinnati flag signifies purity.
  • The field of blue symbolizes our loyalty and strength.
  • The Steel Crown is a nod to the Romanian coat of arms.
  • An orange, white and blue shield of teeth and a heart bearing the colors of the Romanian flag puts the rallying cry in literal imagery.
  • RC in the middle abbreviates the group and compliments the banner at the bottom, “Romanian Chapter”


Please note:

  • All sales are final
  • Production does not begin until the shop closes on May 28th
  • You will receive your order about 3-4 weeks from that date
  • Neck Gaiter
  • 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Blue