RC Embroidered Patch



The shield of the partnering supporter group, We are here for the beer, is featured in this bold patch.

  • As a supporter group, we must defend the honor of the club and players, hence the shield shape. + 5 stars signify the 5 years spent at Nippert Stadium
  • The name of the group in Latin stretches across the shield, “We are here for the beer”
  • Waves of orange and blue give a nod to the waves on the Cincinnati flag
  • Winged bottle represents the spirit of possibilities
  • A Hippocamp (mythological sea-horse) adorns the bottle as a symbol of safe travels; drink responsibly
  • The Roman numerals for the founding year 2020, but we never speak of this year.


Please note:

  • All sales are final
  • Production does not begin until the shop closes on May 28th
  • You will receive your order about 3-4 weeks from that date
  • 2.5" Embroidered Patch