HD Woven

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HD Woven scarves are made with the highest quality of workmanship and allow for the most detailed logos possible while using thread-based production. Our most premium scarf option.

  • 80% Acrylic / 20% Polyester
  • 60" x 7.5" (including fringe)
  • Up to 8 colors
  • 50 Piece Min
  • 3 Week Turnaround from Art Approval

Custom HD Woven Scarves

There’s nothing more uplifting for a team than looking up into the bleachers and seeing a sea of fans sporting your colors. With these custom HD woven scarves from Diehard Custom, your fans will gladly don your colors and cheer you on in style.

About Our Customizable HD Woven Scarves

Considered our most premium scarf option, the custom HD woven scarf features a tight, 100% acrylic weave that showcases your logo or messages with the cleanest lines and the most detail possible.

This tighter weave structure makes our HD scarf thinner and less stretchy than other knitted options, but it’s just as cozy at 60 inches long and 7.5 inches wide, with plenty of material to keep your fans warm in the cold winter months.

Custom HD woven scarf printing can be one-sided or two-sided, using thread-based production with up to eight colors to perfectly produce your custom logo or design. You can order as few as 25 scarves for smaller groups or 1,000 scarves for organizations with a larger fan base, and each piece will be expertly produced with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

HD Woven Scarf Specifications

In a hurry? Here’s a quick look at the specs:
Most detailed designs
100% Acrylic
60" x 7.5" (including fringe)
Up to 8 colors
25 Piece Min

How We Create Custom HD Woven Scarves

We want to make your customization as easy as possible for you, so we’ve devised a seamless four-step process to help you design the perfect scarf and get your products made quickly.

First, you have to decide which products you want to customize — our stylish, low-minimum custom HD woven scarves are a great choice! If you’d like to see an example of what the scarves look like before you commit to your decision, let us know so we can send you a free premade sample of the product of your choice.

Once you’ve made your decision, we can get started on your customizations. You’ll fill out a form letting us know what you want your HD woven scarves to look like, and we’ll get to work bringing your vision to life. We’ll workshop our designs with you until you’re satisfied with the final product.

Our team works fast! After you approve the design, we’ll produce and deliver your custom HD woven scarves in about three weeks.

Fundraise Using HD Woven Scarves

Think about the last fundraiser you organized for your school, sports team or organization. How excited would your supporters have been if you could’ve offered them something high-value and unique like custom team HD woven scarves? A well-designed, comfortable scarf will practically sell itself, helping you put the “fun” in fundraiser.

At Diehard Custom, we can offer the guidance, products and services you need to have your most successful fundraiser yet. We can even do that hard work for you by hosting a branded team shop on our website and taking orders directly so we only produce what you need. Check out our fundraising page and custom team shop page for more information about these services.

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Get Custom HD Woven Scarves

Whether they’re a treat for your team or the star product for a team sport fundraiser, HD woven scarves are an excellent way to boost morale and team spirit. Start planning your custom HD woven scarves today by requesting a random sample or filling out the form below.