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WISL is a new Women’s Division II Pro League created by women for women.

At our core, WE ARE AN EQUALITY PROJECT. Today there are only ten professional women’s teams in the U.S. Now, there will be more opportunities for women to play professionally and also pursue sports careers—coaching, officiating, front office, media/journalism and more—in an empowering environment.

AS A LEAGUE, WE WILL BE RADICALLY INDEPENDENT. Our league will be governed by our clubs. We will not have franchises, franchise fees, nor territory rights. Instead, we will operate as an open and independent system—an affordable and sustainable model for saturating the country with professional women’s clubs.

Meritocracy is our standard, diversity is our preference, and opportunity is for everyone.

OUR EMPOWERING LEADERSHIP CULTURE WILL BE A BEACON for developing healthy mindsets, experiences, and infrastructure. It will be a haven for elevating the greatest generation of female athletes and leaders the world has ever seen… on and off the pitch.

It’s not just about the wins and the trophies; it’s about rising above the noise to create a new harmony.

We envision ourselves as a community of independent thought leaders, entrepreneurs, mentors, activists, role models, and… whatever we want to be. We strive to become a household name synonymous with female leadership and excellence.

We hold a space for diverse women to play their greatest matches and live their greatest lives — a space that honors the legends before us, among us, and within us, forever leaving a positive mark in herstory.

We will apply for sanctioning with the United States Soccer Federation in September 2021, and plan to kick off fall 2022. Los Angeles Force became our first member club in April 2021.

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