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Choose your custom pins style, size, select your quantity, and custom design them to fit your brand.

Select Your Customizable Pins

Custom enamel pins are the perfect way to show your team spirit or organizational pride every day of the year. Though these products are small, their impact is large because they can become a part of every outfit, no matter the occasion.

At Diehard Custom, we offer two types of enamel pins so you can choose the option you think will work best for your purpose. Whether you’re looking for custom team pins for a sports group or membership pins for an organization, these compact enamel pins are easy to customize and display.

Our process for creating custom products is streamlined to make ordering easy. First, decide which type of pin you’d like to order, then let us know and give us an idea of how you’d like them to look. We’ll put together some free designs to bring your vision to life.

Soft Enamel Pins

The custom lapel pins you’ve likely seen the most, our soft enamel pins are made from iron with soft enamel fill and a rubber backing. Customize yours in up to eight colors, cut to any shape, with no charge for the mold. Ask us about our custom plating options.

  • Iron with Soft Enamel Fill
  • Up to 8 Colors
  • 50 Piece Min
  • No Mold Charge
  • 3-4 Weeks Turnaround from Art Approval

Hard Enamel Pins

Our hard enamel pins are similar to our soft enamel pins, but offer a flat, smooth finish. Customize your custom pins in up to eight colors.

  • Iron with Enamel Fill and a Smooth Finish
  • Up to 8 Colors
  • 50 Piece Min
  • 3-4 Week Turnaround from Art Approval

Fundraise Using Custom Enamel Pins

Custom pins are often used as membership mementos, but have you ever thought about offering stylish enamel pins for your next fundraiser? While most fundraisers focus on selling candy, chocolates or flowers, an enamel pin fundraiser would offer a unique product for donors, creating a buzz and inspiring more prospects to contribute funds.

These out-of-the-box fundraising products are affordable to create but are often perceived as high-value items so you can maximize your profit and make the most of your fundraiser. With our low minimums for custom pin orders, you can easily scale your fundraiser to your desired audience.

Let Us Fundraise for You

It’s easy to raise money with your team sport fundraiser pins in hand, but the team at Diehard Custom can make it even easier. With our exclusive team shops program, we’ll help you move products by creating a branded online shop filled with customized offerings, including enamel pins and other apparel.

We’ll take care of every detail, from designing the products to managing the shop page. Your supporters can shop online and place their orders directly with our team, letting you focus on the fun parts like promoting your brand or winning games. When your shop closes, we’ll get to work producing your custom products and shipping them directly to your supporters, sending you whatever funds you’ve raised.

Why Design Custom Pins?

Diehard Custom offers a large variety of high-quality, customizable products you can design and order for fundraisers, giveaways and more, so why should you choose custom enamel pins? Here are the top three reasons we love our hard and soft enamel pins for fundraising:

They bolster team spirit

When you create custom pins for a team and their supporters, you can boost morale for everyone involved. Team members who receive pins feel connected with each other, and when they see friends, family and fans sporting the pins, they feel supported.

They advertise your brand or cause

When your business gives away pins or sells them as merchandise, your customers wear them everywhere they go, creating a walking, talking billboard that increases visibility.

They're easy to sell

If you're organizing a fundraiser, you want a product that doesn't cost much but raises lots of funds and creates high demand. Our enamel pins check all the boxes here as affordable, high-value items that people love to wear.

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