Apparel for Breweries

If you own or operate a brewery, creating custom apparel can build recognition and generate additional sales. Your regulars can support their favorite brewery, tourists can grab a souvenir and staff can wear your logo on and off the clock. Whether you’re a local favorite or a national chain, your brewing company can invest in quality-made clothing and more by Diehard Custom.

Custom Scarves for Breweries

Our knit scarves are excellent merchandise for brewing companies in cold locations. With a woven blend for warmth and a bright pop of color, these scarves can promote your logo and be a hit in your brewery.
Choose from many scarf styles, including HD woven, sleekprint and champions, classic or premier USA knit. These soccer-style scarves are perfect for cold-weather merchandise — customers will love their novelty scarf from their favorite brewing company.

Custom Apparel for Breweries

You can create hundreds of additional sales with apparel and T-shirts. Out-of-town visitors will want a T-shirt to bring home from their trip. Send your brewery’s logo and design to Diehard Custom, and we will make one-of-a-kind apparel
Our custom apparel for breweries includes four unisex shirt options. Each ultra-comfortable tee is a blank canvas for your brewing company’s design. Custom apparel is a must-have for breweries, and you can stand out from the rest with high-quality options from Diehard Custom.

Custom Beanies for Brewing Companies

If your brewery experiences cold winters, visitors can stay warm with a beanie. Your brewing company can amp up its gift section with hats that proudly sport your logo and colors. Create a hat that’s right for your brewery with multiple design options, including simple, pom knit or premier USA pom beanies.
Custom headwear for breweries gives guests a practical and sentimental gift from your business. Your beanies can have various features, such as poms, cuffs, detailed woven designs, embroidery and more. Each hat is one size fits all for adults, and we offer kids sizes.

Custom Face Masks for Breweries

If your brewery or local legislation requires employees or guests to wear face masks, why not customize them? Providing custom face masks for employees can prevent them from wearing other branded apparel when they’re on the job. Plus, visitors can wear face masks with their favorite brewery’s logo on them.
Our custom protective wear includes masks and gaiters, otherwise known as The Guard. Wearers can use The Guard as a mask, bandana or hair tie. Face masks for breweries can help you follow CDC guidelines so you can keep serving your community.

Custom Socks for Breweries

Socks are a fantastic item for your brewery’s gift section because they have a broad appeal. Socks are a necessary item, and yours can show off a unique design. With Diehard Custom crew socks, your logo can peek above most shoes. If you’re a fan of ankle socks, we offer those too.
Socks for breweries are a unique gift option for any customer. We have many sizes and colors available. When you create a design with Diehard Custom, you get comfortable and supportive socks for your business.

Custom Pins for Breweries

Custom pins for breweries are a fun and simple merchandise option. Keep a bowl of these iron pins near your register or encourage employees to wear them during their shift. Your guests can attach a pin to their jacket or bag and show their support.
Our pins have two style options — hard or soft. The difference determines whether your design is flat or carved. Each pin has a durable enamel coating and bright color that stands out amongst others. Stand out with a small but mighty gift option for your customers.

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