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The new Diehard Scarves Shop is ready! We are proud to bring you a collection of U.S.A. Soccer Scarves so you can show your soccer pride wherever you go. Each scarf is made of the highest quality material, features vivid colors,

Every sports team has a signature piece of sports memorabilia. Baseball fans have their team cap. Football fans rep their jerseys. And soccer fans? Well, soccer fans have their scarves! If you have ever sat in the stands of a soccer

Soccer fans have enthusiasm. There is no doubt about that. via GIPHY Put them in a crowd and they go nuts! via GIPHY Games can be an emotional rollercoaster via GIPHY via GIPHY via GIPHY But, they stick through. via GIPHY Young or old? It doesn't matter. via GIPHY via GIPHY It's all

There is a change in the air. Summer is winding down, and the school bells are starting to ring. The fall season signals the start of a new year, a new grade, new teachers, making new friends – and seeing

One of the things that really fuels our love of the game is all of the rich traditions that have been passed down for generations. No matter how old you are or what experience level you’re playing at, there will always

You’re super hyped because your Diehard Scarf finally came in the mail just in time for your favorite team’s game this weekend, but you’re totally blanking on how you should wear it or what’s considered to be proper scarf behavior. 

So here you are thinking “Scarves are fantastic, represent my passion for my team, love wearing them but…don’t they get hot in the summer? Isn’t it too warm to wear them?” You might be thinking yes. But, the reality is: you

Coming up with fundraising ideas is tough. Plain and simple, there are a lot of options and you need something that works. I grew up playing sports, and every year for almost every team I played for, we had to figure

Have you ever wondered who those loud, committed, diehard group of fans are at every soccer match? Often times singing, yelling, playing instruments, waving flags, sometimes lighting flairs and wearing scarves. It’s a good chance they are part of a supporter