soccer holiday gift guide
Holiday Gift Guide from Soccer’s Top Influencers

Just as quickly as the soccer season comes and goes, the holiday season is upon us! Now is the time to kick off your holiday shopping for your soccer fan with a little help from the sport’s top influencers.

From personalized scarves to everyday fashion and game day gear, dig your cleats into our holiday gift guide. With inspiration from soccer’s top players, commentators, and socialites, how much more in the game can you get!?

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Afghanistan Women’s National Team Fundraiser: Hummel + Diehard Scarves

If you haven’t been following along, the Afghanistan Women’s Football Committee, along with the Afghanistan Football Federation, have formed a groundbreaking women’s national team! The team is made up of women from around the world that are united by their Afghanistan lineage and, of course, a passion for soccer.

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mls scarves diehard scarves
Annoucing Our Partnership with Major League Soccer

Diehard Scarves began in January 2014.

In two years we have dived head first into a massive, dedicated, and loyal community that rallies around a passion we’ve shared our entire lives – soccer. The experience has been incredible. We have had the honor of working with some of the industries finest publications, organizations, supporter groups and, of course, teams and players. We have valued each and every one of these relationships and the people we have met along the way.

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Afghanistan Women’s National Football Team: Taking the Field and a Stand

It’s 2016 and women are succeeding in the world of athletics. Despite opposition from media and strict cultures, women athletes are refusing to be kept out of the game. Stepping up and playing strong, their voice are being heard all over the world.

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Green stadium chairs with the text top soccer subreddits to lose yourself in.
Top Soccer Subreddits You Can Lose Yourself In

Are you familiar with Reddit? If you are, you probably spend countless hours browsing the site. If not, welcome to the fun. Reddit is easily one of the top website forums to lose yourself in.

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Photograph of Jason Davis for the Diehard Scarves Collector Series.
Scarf Collector Series: Jason Davis

This one is for you, diehard soccer fanatic. If you’ve ever set your alarm for 3am to watch a match, or painted your face on game day – you’re gonna love this. For a long time, we’ve been a fan of Jason Davis! Whether it is his awesome coverage on ESPN FC or his commentary as one half of the recently retired Best Soccer Show duo (what’s up, Jared!), he’s become a mainstay in our daily soccer media consumption.

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Soccer player huddled on a field. Guide to COPA America written above.
Copa America Centenario: A Diehard Fan’s Guide

Get ready and grab your soccer scarf, because big-time teams are coming to the United States in less than a month! The best players in world soccer will play head-to-head right here… probably at a stadium near you! If watching the games from your favorite TV is an option, we know you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat. If you’re as excited for the big tournament as we are, strap on your shin guards and pump up your excitement with our need-to-know guide to Copa America Centenario.

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Copa america centenario logo + soccer scarves announcement.

The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here! Our official COPA Centenario Soccer Scarves have arrived and are waiting here patiently until you decide which one out of the 35 designs will be wrapped around your necks come game day!

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Stadium filled with soccer fans
The History of Supporter Groups

Being part of a supporter group is much more than standing in the crowd and cheering your heart out for your favorite soccer team. It’s a family of diehard fans who celebrate a mutual love for the game of soccer. These passionate fans make up networks who can watch, meet, discuss, and travel to various games of their beloved team.

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copa america scarves

Edit: The scarves are finally here! Check out the collection and more on our COPA America Page.

Our official COPA Centenario Soccer Scarves are coming soon. Real soon. So soon, in fact, that we wanted to give you all a little taste of what is yet to come.

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