How to Design and Create a Custom Beanie Online

How to Design and Create a Custom Beanie Online

When you think of promotional materials, images of pens, tote bags and water bottles may come to mind. While these items are great options for promoting your business, your company may want something unique. Enter personalized beanies.

Beanies are a staple in any wardrobe, and with customization options, you can transform your beanie into a marketing tool for your company or brand.

Benefits of Creating Custom Beanies

Hats are a popular fashion choice for everyone and have withstood the test of time to be a staple in many wardrobes. Like custom T-shirts or water bottles, an embroidered beanie can play an essential role in your company’s advertising strategy. The top benefits of using custom beanies in your next marketing campaign include:

Unlimited Advertising

Customized hats allow your business to display your logo where people typically direct their gaze, making beanies an excellent way for potential customers to notice your brand.

As you customize your hat, choosing the appropriate color and design is essential so your target audience will correctly connect your hat to your brand. Selecting a color or design which catches your audience’s attention can lead to greater interest in your products or services.


One of the many benefits of using hats in your marketing strategy is that they are indirect but effective. When people see a custom hat, they don’t feel they’re exposed to advertisements or marketing — instead, they’re seeing a functional item everyone uses at one point. Your branding just happens to be on it.

You can also give hats to a wide variety of people for various reasons, such as:

  • Gifts for employees
  • Rewards for loyal customers
  • Prizes in social media giveaways
  • Merchandise for your company or business

Unisex Apparel

Beanies are unisex, meaning everyone can wear them comfortably. Unlike other branded items, like clothing where you need to consider the size and gender of the recipient, hats are unisex and easily adjustable for all head sizes. This flexibility means you can choose a hat option without any sizing complications.

Since your custom beanies will fit all employees, they are a great way to showcase unity. Have your entire team wear them during company outings, like charity events, sports and other gatherings. You can also entice your customers to wear your branded hats to experience a greater feeling of connectedness. Give your hats away as prizes at trade shows or as social media giveaways.

Hats are also a practical fashion accessory for younger audiences, and you can invest in youth-sized hats to benefit your promotional marketing strategy. Your company can also purchase hats in many different styles and colors to appeal to larger audiences.


While there are many forms of advertising your brand you can use, creating your own beanie is affordable and effective. Any company looking to save time and money will find embroidered hats a cost-effective option for their marketing campaign.

Hats are affordable when purchased in bulk, making them a good idea for your business to use for large-scale promotions or giveaways. By giving away embroidered hats, your investors, partners, customers and employees will feel appreciated, and it will not cost your business as much as other apparel options.

Beanies can be as personal as you’d like, and you can use any design pattern to match your current marketing strategy. You also have multiple styles to choose from to match your brand and budget. Since hats are durable products, they will last for years, allowing you to continue promoting your company long after you give away a hat.

Numerous Design Options

There are infinite possibilities when creating a custom hat design for your brand, from different styles to colors, logos and text options. To make your hat design even better, follow these tips:

  • Choose the right style: Whether your employees, customers or recipients prefer something with a pom or a casual beanie, you can offer something they’d enjoy wearing.
  • Pick a great color: Choose a beanie color that best fits your brand or company. You can go with neutral tones or make your beanie impossible to miss with bright colors. Another option is to select a beanie design to match your business or event colors.
  • Use embroidery: Embroidery gives your custom beanies a quality, professional look that’s sure to impress employees and customers alike.

How to Design a Custom Beanie for Your Business That People Will Want to Wear

While you can make your beanie look however you’d like, consider your audience as you create your design. Your design should showcase your brand while being universal enough that many people will enjoy wearing your beanie. As you design your own beanie, consider the following:

1. Create a Goal for Your Hats

You don’t need a specific fashion to emulate to create a successful promotional campaign, but you should know how you will use your apparel. Regardless if you bring your beanies to a company-sponsored event or use them as gifts, it’s a good idea to have a clear goal for their use. By researching your target audience, you can determine which styles they are most likely to wear to aid in creating your beanies.

2. Choose a Style That Suits Your Goals

You want to choose a hat style that aligns with your business goals. While you should always choose high-quality materials, it is also wise to consider the specific reasons why people will wear the apparel. When people wear your beanie, you want them to feel like they belong in a select group. Your promotional beanies are exclusive and original, making it a good idea for your beanie to look and feel special.

3. Take Fit Into Consideration

Your customers, employees and giveaway participants will want to wear custom apparel if it fits properly, which is why unisex beanies are a great option for promotions. Beanies are one-size-fits-all so you can be confident people can wear them comfortably, making them more likely to wear them multiple times.

Considering your audience is key here. Is your customer base younger, or do you want to give employees business swag they can share with their families? In those and other cases, you’ll want to order youth beanie sizes along with adult ones.

4. Make Your Design Appealing

To make your beanie design universally appealing, you can use the following design elements:

  • Your logo: Your company’s logo should be the most prominent feature of your beanie. As you design your beanie, ensure you pay attention to the placement and style of your logo.
  • Universal colors: Most people enjoy neutral colors such as black or white for their hats. If you use vibrant colors, it’s best to focus on a specific style or use your organization’s branding.
  • A fun slogan: If you have the space and a small slogan, you can add your business motto to your hat. Adding a witty or clever saying will give your beanie a better chance of standing out in a crowd. You can also use a slogan that ties into an event if that’s why you’re ordering custom hats. Keep in mind the size of the slogan, as you’ll want it to be readable from a distance.

Different Design Styles to Choose From

Designing custom beanies for your business can be more than choosing a basic design with a uniform style. Based on your employees and your overall company aesthetic, you may wish to use custom beanies to enhance different apparel styles such as:


A sporty or athletic style reflects the wearer’s athletic ability. Sporty apparel is comfortable and features durable materials that can withstand exposure to sweat and water. If your workplace has an on-site gym or a culture that values fitness, a sporty style is a good choice for your promotional beanies. Bold or collegiate-style fonts can create the athletic look for your hats.


While beanies are a more casual apparel option, they can still complement a preppy style. Since a preppy style includes button-down shirts, sweaters and polo shirts, you may want to choose a neutral beanie color such as tan, white or black and create a simple design to match your recipient’s style preferences.


A bohemian style typically features bright clothing, artistic patterns and prints, and it can look different for each person. To have your beanies make a statement while matching the bohemian style, choose vivid colors and unique patterns or create a colorful logo.


The chic apparel style is classy and elegant, with soft colors and a minimalistic aesthetic. When creating chic-style beanies, you will want to have your beanie appear tidy without being overly formal for greater appeal. Colors such as black and white are good choices, as well as pastels and neutral shades.

When selecting a design for your chic beanie, it’s best to avoid bright colors. Focus on creating an embroidery design with clean lines and monochromatic colors to bring greater emphasis to the wearer.


Grunge apparel is often oversized and layered to make it more comfortable for casual wear. Beanies are a perfect apparel choice to match a grunge aesthetic, and depending on your design, you can make your beanies as niche or as universal as you wish. As you choose colors, it’s best to focus on darker shades such as black or select a white beanie with a dark logo, as it will pair well with other elements associated with a grunge style.


Artsy apparel is a bolder style for artistic individuals and allows for high-quality business apparel. Creating beanies in an artsy style is best if your industry values creative thinking. Your beanies can be unique or appear handmade, and if your business is creative, you can try involving your employees in the design process.

To create an artsy beanie, you can create a distinctive logo. Since the artsy aesthetic leans on the experimental side of fashion, you can take more risks with your beanie design, such as unique color combinations. You could also use your beanie to make a statement regarding a cause or service your business supports.

Business Casual

Since the goal of business casual is clothing that is comfortable to wear, beanies are an ideal way to complement this style. Creating and distributing beanies is a great way to unite your employees during casual days at work, company meet-ups or other activities outside work. Your beanies should have a relaxed feel with a detailed design and neutral hat color that appeals to large groups of people.

Types of Custom Beanies

With multiple beanie styles to choose from, it’s easy to find an option to match your audience’s sense of style. Our beanie options include:

  • Pom Knit Beanies: Showcase school, team or company pride uniquely with Pom Knit Beanies. These beanies can include cuffs, poms and option to remove either element.
  • Premier USA Pom Beanie: The Premier USA Pom Beanie is a product of the United States and is a fun way to stay warm in the cooler months. Each Premier USA Pom beanie features a removable cuff and a pom. You can also add embroidery in one location.
  • Simple Beanie: Simple Beanies are true to the name and have no cuff or pom. These straightforward beanies are entirely customizable, making them a versatile choice for any style or outfit.

Our Four-Step Design Process

Our online creation tool makes it easy to design custom beanies without needing to leave your office. Whether you need a promotional product for your business or want a fun gift to place in employee gift baskets, let us help you bring your beanie design to life.

At Diehard Custom, we make it easy to learn how to design your own beanie with our simple four-step process:

Pick Your Beanie

First, visit our custom products page to choose the type of beanie you want to customize. Each product page features information on how we make each beanie, the look and feel and your customization options. The product pages also provide minimum order requirements and a delivery timeline.

Request Your Free Design

After selecting the beanie you would like to customize, you provide some information about your style and overall marketing goals. As you fill out our online design form, ensure you include information such as your preferred quantity and delivery date.

You will also upload your logo and any additional images you want on your beanie and describe your design goals, such as which colors, text and logo or image placement you want on your beanie.

Review Your Design

After our beanie designers receive your request, we will start producing a mockup of your custom product. We will create multiple designs for you to examine and can make as many revisions as you need at no additional cost. Our entire design process is commitment free, and you can review your free custom beanie style without needing to make a purchase.

All you have to do is tell our team what you like and don’t like, and we will work with you to customize your final design. Before making your final choice, you can also request a custom premade sample.

Place Your Order

We will begin production as soon as you approve your design and submit your order. You will receive your custom beanies in approximately three weeks.


Customize Your Beanie With Diehard Custom

Diehard Custom is here for all of your custom apparel solutions. We offer numerous beanie options and will work with you until you are completely satisfied with your beanie design. Complete our online design form or contact us to learn more about how we can bring your design to life today!