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How to Display Your Soccer Scarves

There are two important things for every soccer scarf owner to remember: how to wear your soccer scarves and the best ways to display them. We can all agree that sporting your team’s custom scarf is the game day look, but what’s the best way to display your accessories off the field?

When it comes to storing your soccer scarves, don’t fold up your masterpiece and hide it in the closet until the next game, tournament, or fundraiser. Kick up your storage skills and get creative with our go-to looks that will best showcase your game winning scarf!

Soccer scarves displayed on a wall divider.

The Drape Look

Draping is probably the easiest and most versatile way of displaying your collection of soccer scarves. All you need is a wall divider, door frame, a horizontal pole, or even a chair to arrange your collection. How easy is that!? To add a touch of personalization to your display, arrange scarves in color order, or change up the length of each scarf to add variety.

A collection of soccer scarves displayed on a wall.

Safe in a Frame

For our soccer scarf collectors out there, we know how important it is to keep your scarves in tip-top condition at all times. No dust, no wrinkles, no problem!

With that being said, we’ve seen a lot of fans perfect the art of folding and placing their scarves in glass frames. Here are a few ideas to get you in the creative mood:

  • Use different folding patterns to give variety to your prized scarf wall
  • Add one, two, or even three scarves per frame (depending on size)
  • Hang up your frames horizontal, vertical, or diagonal from each other

Soccer scarves display on a ladder.

Hang ‘Em Up

We’re all about bold designs, so we think it’s appropriate to put a spin on simply “hanging” your scarves. Diehard scarves shouldn’t be cooped up in your closet, so find a set of hooks or a rustic ladder to get creative with. If you have an empty wall, tac a piece of twine and use clothespins to secure each scarf for a unique look.

Talk about game winning ideas! We have to admit that nothing beats designing your own custom scarves, but… getting creative with displaying them is pretty close! If you’re up for a challenge, kick up your creativity and share your displays with us on Facebook and Twitter.