Soccer History

Afghanistan Women’s National Football Team: Taking the Field and a Stand

It’s 2016 and women are succeeding in the world of athletics. Despite opposition from media and strict cultures, women athletes are refusing to be kept out of the game. Stepping up and playing strong, their voice are being heard all over the world.

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Soccer facts.
25 Soccer Facts for the Diehard Fan

Warmer weather is upon us! This means spring is almost here, and of course, that summer isn’t too far behind. What’s so good about this summer? Ask any international soccer fan and they’ll answer with Copa America Centenario USA 2016! As the date nears and anticipation grows for this year’s 100th-anniversary games, soccer lovers can’t hold their breath any longer waiting for the series of matches to take place here in the United States. Even though we still have a three-month wait (sigh) for the teams to arrive, we wanted to kick off spring with some fun and interesting facts about soccer across the world.

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Soccer field net on a foggy soccer field.
The History of American Soccer

Whether you’re a diehard soccer fan or a weekend warrior for a travel team, the announcement of Copa America Centenario coming to the United States this summer is some of the most exciting news for North American soccer lovers since hosting the ’94 World Cup. We’ve compiled an overview of the United States’ soccer history to hype up the anticipation for this summer’s tournament.

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