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Everything You Need To Know About Custom Beanies

Fall and winter are a great time of year for both sports fans and athletes! Between football, soccer, and hockey games, diehard fans and athletes are out here supporting one another and it. Is. COLD. How can you represent your team head-to-toe when you’re bundled up to protect from the weather? 

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soccer teammates huddled around in a circle in the field on their knees. titled fundraising for sports teams.
Fundraising For Sports Teams

When it comes to team sports, fundraising is important. Earnings can cover expensive costs, such as travel, equipment, jerseys, apparel, and tournament fees. It’s also a great opportunity for your team to come together and work toward a common goal, something they are likely very familiar with already! How to start fundraising, however, is always a difficult task. We’ve rounded up our best tips for implementing a successful team fundraising initiative to effectively raise capital and engage your team!

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Los Lucky's supporter group profile
Los Luckys – A Supporter Group Profile

Is it possible for rival fans to come together? I mean, really – is it?

If you know anything about the soccer, or football community, you know that their fans are passionate. They will do anything and everything to support their club. They can be ruthless!

But what if I told you – That rivaling fans of say Manchester United and Liverpool could actually come together and wear the same colors, sing the same songs, even embrace

That is the kind of story that could only be written in Hollywood …

Without further ado … meet the LUCKY’S

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Young fans of Columbus Crew's supporter group, Save The Crew
#SaveTheCrew – A Supporter Group Profile

Last year the Columbus Crew was on the verge of being dismissed by Major League Soccer.

When ownership from one of the league’s original team announced their plan to move the squad over 1,000 miles away from Columbus to Texas, fans were dismayed.

Within the Columbus soccer community emotions ran high. The sentiment from the clubs biggest supporters ranged from shock and disbelief to sadness to anger and thought of losing the team bled through the city of black and gold. Rising from the chaotic cloud of uncertainty, the silhouette of a group of Crew enthusiasts came into view that transformed the city’s energy of outrage to a determined call to action. This super supporter group refused to take no for an answer – they could not and would not let their beloved team pick up and leave from a city they called home for decades.

What began from a simple hashtag, #SaveTheCrew, grew into a movement. This movement had one primary purpose, to save the crew.

This is their story.

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D.C. United's Screaming Eagle Supporter Group Profile
Screaming Eagles – A Supporter Group Profile

Major League Soccer has seen massive growth over recent years. We’ve all seen it. Expansions teams popping up all over. Soccer-specific stadiums are becoming the “norm”.

Cities are showing up and showing out … but in all the hype and pomp and circumstance, there are some special groups that have laid a framework, been through up and downs but have built a culture so rich in success, that it simply cannot be ignored. From the depths of a flooded RFK stadium to a historic turn around at the new Audi Field – the SCREAMING EAGLES have seen it all!

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United Soccer Coaches Convention Scarf Giveaway

The countdown to the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Chicago is almost over – its go time!

We’re gearing up for a one of a kind, exclusive giveaway for our fellow soccer enthusiasts and convention attendees.

Diehard Scarves will be giving away 100 custom pieces of either a scarf or beanie (YOU CHOOSE!) to one lucky winner… for FREE!

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Juventus Official Licensee

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                     


Diehard Scarves becomes an Official Licensee of Juventus


Diehard Scarves has signed on with Juventus F.C. as an Official Licensee. Diehard Scarves will serve both the U.S. and Canada, providing officially licensed scarves and socks.


“We are very excited to partner with a storied club like Juventus. Their excellence is internationally recognized and we are extremely proud,” said Division Manager Matt Ryba.


Product will be released throughout the 2018-2019 season and will be made available shortly. Please stay tuned to for the new releases.




Diehard Scarves!




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legends are custom tailored
Legends are Custom Tailored – So Are Our Scarves

You know what they say, everyone’s game is different. We see so many talented players, and while they are all great, they are all unique. A different skill set, personality, build, etc. You name it, no one player is the same. It’s part of what makes the game beautiful.

No one tunes into games hoping for them to mirror each other. We like the excitement of seeing different skill sets displayed. This is across all sports, not just soccer.


As I think about some of the soccer greats a few jump out at me:

Ronaldo has a finishing ability second to none. Watch a recent finish by Ronaldo in the UCL against Juventus from April, 2018.

Messi is masterful at creating opportunity with his touch (which often times leads to goal). Watch 10 ways Messi impresses the soccer world with his ability to create.

Beckham had the ability to bend the ball in ways this sport had never seen (or seen it as often). Watch just a few of some of Beckham’s biggest moments and the “bend” that made the phrase we have become so familiar with, “Bend it like Beckham.”

These are just a few examples, the list could go on and on. We know of players who are incredible at winning balls in the air and using their head. There are players on the field who can control the ball and manage the game, orchestrating some amazing things that give meaning to the “beautiful game.”

It is truly remarkable when you think about it.

These players found their skill set and worked to develop it over time. Years and years of practice and millions of touches on the ball have gone into shaping them into the player they have become today.


Now, in 2018, there are so many great tools that can help develop players. Children can get their hands on equipment and lessons that they can use right at home to continue their development.

A top-tier training program (not to mention extremely affordable) like the soccer vortex from Beast Mode Soccer is a great example. This program was created to help players develop all aspects of their game. Everything from control to footwork to passing to finishing, and everything in-between. It includes the mental, physical, and nutrition portions of the game —> Don’t believe me? Check it out!

You also have some fun yet very effective tools available like DribbleUp. All you need is a some space and a phone and BOOM, you are ready to train. With over 75 drills available this virtual training aid will get you the touches you need all while having a blast.

If tools like these don’t excite you for the future of this sport I am not sure what will.


Just like players are custom tailored, so are our custom scarves. Scarves have been around forever. As you may have read  in our blog, The History of Soccer Scarves, scarves have a long standing place in the game of soccer.

Each team, club, school, and organization are unique, just like players. They are in different markets, geographic locations, serving different demographics. 

Here at Diehard Scarves, we work with our customers to custom tailor gear to fit their exact needs. We help them stand out among the masses by creating merchandise they are proud of. The pride isn’t in the product, it simply gives them a platform to wear what they value.

So if you are in need of an apparel upgrade or looking to get your team, fans, and supporters in your gear, let us help!

We customize all our products: Custom Scarves, Custom Beanies, Custom Socks, Custom Apparel (T-Shirts and more).


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UEFA Champions League How It Works
What March Madness and UEFA Champions League Have in Common

Teams come from far and wide, all seeking to claim eternal glory. Every year, come spring, the best-of-the-best seek to advance in the tournament. All the players have earned the right to compete and each team wants to claim the title of the undisputed champion across the leagues. The madness is watched by millions and everyone has their pick on who should win the top prize. Sound familiar?

If you said the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, you are right. This year has not let us down. We have seen the surge of upsets and the Cinderella teams like Loyola Chicago advance all the way through as an 11 seed. Yes, you read that correctly, an 11 seed.

What if I told you there is another tournament that has all that excitement, and more?

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how to be an MLS fan
How to be a Major League Soccer Fan

Do you smell that? Change is in the air.

Soccer pitches are being cut and prepped. Players are anxious. Fans are ready. The 2018 Major League Soccer (MLS) season is about to begin!

So are you ready to be the biggest and best MLS Club supporter? We know you are up to the challenge and we are here to help outfit you with the best soccer knowledge and resources. Who better to provide you with soccer knowledge than us, an official licensee of MLS.

Read on to learn how to be a Major League Soccer fan of your favorite MLS team. The new MLS Season kicks off on March 3, 2018, and concludes on Dec. 8th, with the MLS Cup Final.

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